◆visit the Nishipirika museum(2)talking

After the movie, I listened to the conversation between Takashi’s elder brother, Takashi’s friend and Mr.Uno. They talked about his life, his creation and the current mental health in Japan.
Takashi’s brother, Mr.Mitsuo spoke Takashi’s hospitalized life with tears in his eyes. Takashi was in the hospital room closed with keys and lattices. He thought “What is human dignity? Is it really acceptable to treat people with mental illness like that?”. Takashi’s friend, Mr.Hamasaki said, “People with mental illness must be treated as usual. They are also general citizens. Please never forget…”
Finally, they talked about drawing in a psychiatric hospital. Now every hospital has different ideas about drawing. For example, Takashi’s hospital was forbidden drawing with colors.
Mr.Abiko, the founder of atelier in the psychiatric hospital, keeps running the atelier for 50 years and held various exhibitions, so the activity is gradually spreading to others. He often says, “Fighting not outside system but inside.” So that he sticks to ” in the hospital”.

There is a lot of problem in Japanese psychiatric hospital. What I can is only to know how/what/why it is and write down. I’m again sure it is necessary.

Thank you;0!

I can’t write enough this talk and my thoughts in English.
In later days I write about it in Japanese.


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