◆Lose energy;(

These days I had a lot of trouble in private life, and I was completely tired. I couldn’t write an article yesterday;( So I write about yesterday’s event.

I went to the exhibition of death row prisoners in the memorial hall of Jiichiro Matsumoto, Hacchobori. I’m interested in them because I think their life history is closely related to their activities. I think many of them didn’t really hope to murder at first, but something unbearable happened, so they went wrong.

One reason for violent crime is isolation, I think. The book I read the other day wrote,
“Utterances are based on responses. When there is no response, it becomes a monologue and nests deep inside itself.”
I think it was ignored for a long time and becomes an evil monster at last. If you were him or her, could you say with confidence that you never sin? I can’t say it…

I’ll continue thinking about the death penalty.

Thank you;0!


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