◆my friend making wonderful dolls

I met my friend at the exhibition of self-expression, 7-8th December. I met her after a long time because she started working every day. She was too busy to go to the atelier this year.

She is much younger than me but I respect her very much, so I call her “xx san(a bit formal in Japanese)”, other atelier’s members call her “xx chan(friendly in Japanese)”. She makes bit grotesque BJDs, ball joint dolls. She is dexterous, delicate and ambitious, so her dolls look similar to her.

She looked very fine but she said she couldn’t make them these days. She told me it was difficult to balance working hard and creation. I deeply agreed. Exactly I have the same problem now!
We talked about it. At last, we concluded that we didn’t overdo while working, no matter how we want to make! Overdoing might damage our health.

When she achieves her goal, I hope to see her in the atelier someday.

Thank you;)


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