◆navigation day

As today is the special event day, I played Pokemon Go from 11 to 19.
I walked over 20000 steps, converted 683 kcal(equal to a dish of curry!).
Good results are there:) I’m so fine♪

While I walked around noon, a middle-aged woman asked me.
“Where is the station?”
I told her the directions. She thanked me and left.

In the evening, a dressed-up woman asked me.
“Where is XX hotel?”
She looked hurried, so I told her the symbol near the hotel.

These experiences are very profitable for me because I usually don’t imagine how to explain well.
Explanation is the index of how much I understand things.
Someone, who tells things the other well, understands what it is.
I think the same can be said for writing.

Thank you;0!


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