◆visit the Nishipirika museum(1)

We arrived at Furukawa in the morning. It was colder than in Tokyo but the air was so clear.
Mr.Onoda, the owner of the Nishipirika museum, picked up and took us to the soba restaurant.
The restaurant “Hope it was clear” serves high-quality soba and tempura and so on.
In addition, the landlady is so charming and interesting. The Good of this restaurant is not only taste.
I eat them every time I come to Furukawa. I love it.

Tempura set(\1200 tax in)

Next, we visit the Nishipirika museum.
We watched the Takashi Kokubu exhibition and then the movie and talk.
The Movie was not so much than I expected, but the talk was so deep and made me think.
Writing about the talk, it’s so long.
So I’ll write tomorrow.


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