◆collect materials in Furukawa

I’ll go to Furukawa on a day trip tomorrow.
Furukawa is a small city, 30 minutes by car from Sendai.

There is the Nishipirika Museum, exhibiting outsider art.
Now there is a Takashi Kokubu exhibition.
He spent most of his life in the psychiatric hospital, but he didn’t hope.

I’ll watch the movie “Before daybreak” tomorrow.
It shows how a psychiatric hospital was before 100 years ago.
And then, his brother, his friend, and Mr.Uno, the staff in my atelier talk.

I’m looking forward to precious creations and talk.
I write down his life as a history of the atelier.
I want to be a recorder of the atelier, as my own work.
I record everyday scenes from now on if members say OK.

Thank you for reading;0


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