◆listening to the story of others

I read the new publication information in a magazine. It introduced “Violence of the name of good faith”.

The article wrote:
Since the service industry was mainstream, people became aware of what others were interested in. And gradually, interest in others became bigger than self-interest. At last, people don’t know where our own position is. In this situation, when people find a disadvantage of others, they feel angry. It’s good and evil of a pretty narrow range. Good faith and angry are deeply involved.
In addition, now people place importance on outgoing. But the value of reception may be reviewed because of these times, listening, reading, and feeling.

After reading, I was sympathetic and bought it. I remembered the proverb “Speaking is silver, silence is gold.” and the book “the violence of compassion” by Yoshimichi Nakajima, a philosopher.
I’ll listen to stories of others more and more at work, the atelier, and so on.

Thank you;0!


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